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Stakes and Symbolism of the "Round Table" in the Settlement of International Conflicts: The Cases of Vietnam and the Sahara

The initiation and conduct of any negotiation are not solely dependent on the positions of parties, their willingness to make concessions and, possibly, the mediator's talent. Similarly, they do not merely hinge on the settlement of procedural issue…

From Addis Ababa to Paris: Understanding the Complexities of a Negotiated Global Development Agenda

It is imperative for practitioners and non practitioners alike to familiarize themselves with the growing complexities of international diplomacy and negotiations. Especially with 2015 being widely considered a crucial year for international negotia…

Energy and the World Summit on Sustainable Development: What Next?

"Given the importance of energy issues to sustainable development, energy was a priority issue at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in August 2002. The objective of this paper is to examine the outcomes of the Summit on energy, and to as…

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