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Determinants of agricultural exports: The case of Cameroon

"This paper investigates the determinants of three agricultural exports from Cameroon between 1971/72 and 1995/1996. Export supply functions are specified and estimated for the three export crops chosen: cocoa, coffee and banana. Quantitative esti…

Just Gold: Bringing Responsible and Conflict Free Gold from Artisanal Mines to International Markets

IMPACT works with miners, traders, and exporters to create incentives for legal sales and provides capacity building to implement the traceability and due diligence required by the Just Gold project, in alignment with regional and international stan…

Building an Effective Advocacy Movement for Sustainable and Equitable Agricultural Development in Africa Modernisation of Smallholder Agriculture and Policy Making in Uganda

"Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy and an important driver of economic development and poverty reduction. Approximately 73% of Ugandans depend on agriculture. However, the sector currently faces many multifaceted challenges which incl…

Accelerating Export Growth in Zambia

"Export-transactions data for the period 1999-2011 in Zambia suggests that much of the growth in the value of exports has been driven by the contribution of new exporters than pre-existing exporters. The catastrophic growth among pre-existing export…

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