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Mediating a Convoluted Conflict: South Africa’s Approach to the Inter-Party Negotiations in Zimbabwe

"This paper analyses South Africa’s facilitation approach to the inter-party negotiation process in Zimbabwe – from Mbeki’s ‘quiet diplomacy’ to current President Jacob Zuma's assertive stance – amid competing domestic and international interests. T…

From Addis Ababa to Paris: Understanding the Complexities of a Negotiated Global Development Agenda

It is imperative for practitioners and non practitioners alike to familiarize themselves with the growing complexities of international diplomacy and negotiations. Especially with 2015 being widely considered a crucial year for international negotia…

The Rationale behind India’s Shift to Africa

Africa, as a continent of economic opportunities, is attracting foreign players. In this context, India is emerging as an important partner, especially for Eastern and Southern Africa. The complexity of its geopolitical environment combined with int…

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