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Report from a Symposium on the Investigation and Prosecution of ‘Core International Crimes' and the Role of the International Criminal Court in Africa

"The International Criminal Court stands as a working model of international criminal justice in terms of which an international criminal forum applies rules of international law, is staffed by independent prosecutors and judges, and holds persons …

Libya and the Responsibility to Protect Between Opportunistic Humanitarianism and Value-Free Pragmatism

"In both Libya and Côte d’Ivoire, regimes that had lost domestic and international legitimacy declared war on their own people. In both, global political responses were shaped by universal values as well as strategic interests. Because the UN is ta…

Universalising International Criminal Law The ICC, Africa and the Problem of Political Perceptions

"The aim of this paper is to discuss the universal reach and aspirations of the world’s first permanent International Criminal Court (ICC), why the ICC’s reach thus far has been focused exclusively on the African continent, and how this geographic …

The Zimbabwe Torture Docket Decision and Proactive Complementarity

"The decision of a landmark case heard in the South African Constitutional Court means there is an obligation for states to complement the work of the International Criminal Court – extending the court’s influence in prosecuting serious crimes of i…

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