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Improving the Productivity of Small Scale Cassava Farmers in Nigeria's Niger Delta through Participatory Action Research

In order to improve the productivity of small scale farmers and be successful in these endeavours, the introduction of new and modern farming techniques is essential to push for the increase both on the land and labour productivity. Modern and imp…

Spatial Variation in Rural Development and Internal Migration in Delta State, Nigeria

This study of the Delta State rural development pattern, has shown that rural communities in the state are at different stages of socio-economic development as some are better developed than others. The migration patterns and trends shown in this …

Migration Urbanisation and Health Challenges in Sub Saharan Africa

"This paper begins by shedding light on the dominant types of internal migration in SSA, and in particular rural-urban migration as reported in previous national censuses; thereafter, it analyses urbanisation in the region, comparing the phenomenon …

Internal Migration and the Development of the Niger Delta Region : Policy Issues

Emanating from the experiences outlined in this document, the major policy challenge for the Niger Delta Region, is to ensure the provision of basic health care services in all communities and promote the utilisation of the services. This would cont…

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