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L'Impact des réformes commerciales sur l'emploi et le bien-être dans les pays de la CEDAO: Le cas du Sénégal / The Impact of Trade Reforms on Employment and Welfare in ECOWAS Countries: The Case of Senegal

This publication is also available in English. This study evaluates the impact of the ECOWAS-CET and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) on youth employment and on welfare in Senegal. The analysis is conducted using the PEP- 1-1 model, which...

Co-Mouvements économiques dans les Pays de la Zone CFA: une Analyse par le Modèle Factoriel Dynamique généralisé/ Economic Co-Movements in the CFA Zone Countries: an Analysis by the Generalized Dynamic Factorial Model

The purposeof this paper is to verify whether the economic and monetary integration policies developed under the CFA area create co-movements of business cycles of member countries. Indeed, the synchronization of business cycles is a result which ...

Statut Avancé: Passer du Symbolique au Pratique / Advanced Status: Move from the Symbolic to the Practical

The signing of the Status Advance undoubtedly endorsed the strength of the Morocco-EU relations. Through this joint document, Europeans engage in medium-term cooperation and believe that their interests go through stronger cooperation. An area of ...

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