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Statut Avancé: Passer du Symbolique au Pratique / Advanced Status: Move from the Symbolic to the Practical

The signing of the Status Advance undoubtedly endorsed the strength of the Morocco-EU relations. Through this joint document, Europeans engage in medium-term cooperation and believe that their interests go through stronger cooperation. An area of fr…

L'Impact des réformes commerciales sur l'emploi et le bien-être dans les pays de la CEDAO: Le cas du Sénégal / The Impact of Trade Reforms on Employment and Welfare in ECOWAS Countries: The Case of Senegal

This publication is also available in English. This study evaluates the impact of the ECOWAS-CET and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) on youth employment and on welfare in Senegal. The analysis is conducted using the PEP- 1-1 model, which i…

Co-Mouvements économiques dans les Pays de la Zone CFA: une Analyse par le Modèle Factoriel Dynamique généralisé/ Economic Co-Movements in the CFA Zone Countries: an Analysis by the Generalized Dynamic Factorial Model

The purposeof this paper is to verify whether the economic and monetary integration policies developed under the CFA area create co-movements of business cycles of member countries. Indeed, the synchronization of business cycles is a result which ca…

Regard sur la Coopération entre le Cameroun et les Institutions Financières Africaines / A Review on Cooperation between Cameroon and African Financial Institutions

Cameroon is one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa which is the least dependent on external aid and the intervention strategies of the development partners here in Cameroon are generally aligned with the Government's national priorities as set o…

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