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Impact of Soaring Food Price in Ethiopia: Does Location Matter?

"Previous studies implicitly assume uniform price-effects across regions or provinces within countries. They also do not address the issue of integration between the world food market and local markets. Instead, they assume a complete transmission o…

Sovereignty and the‘United States of Africa’ Insights from the EU

"This paper has five main parts. In the first part, the concept of state sovereignty and its application within the modern state discourse is traced, albeit briefly. In the next part, the concept of sovereignty in the pursuit for Africa’s integrati…

Adjustment of whites to black rule in East and West Africa

The aim of this paper is to explain the adjustment Whites face to cope with the Black independently ruled countries in Africa. A number of misperceptions created by the media and others is being placed in perspective. Immigration and integration is…

Factors Affecting Savings as Means of Economic Growth in Ethiopia

Savings have always figured prominently in both theoretical analysis and policy design in both developed and developing economies. This prominence emanates from their assumed direct theoretical link to future economic growth and current expenditure …

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