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Guinea-Bissau: Building a Real Stability Pact

Excerpt: "November 2008 legislative elections were an important test for Guinea-Bissau, whose transition to democratic rule badly needed impetus. It was uncertain whether they would take place until the last minute, but they were praised by both c...

Guinea: Ensuring Democratic Reforms

Excerpt: "The political and economic change Guineans demanded in 2007 at the cost of nearly 200 lives is in jeopardy. Dismissal on 20 May 2008 of Prime Minister Lansana Kouyaté and his replacement by Tidiane Souaré, a close ally of President Lansa...

Revenue Reform and Statebuilding in Anglophone Africa

In this paper, the tax reforms discussed are a response to fiscal needs, but not generally to fiscal crises. In Section 2, the author explains the situation in which these reforms were introduced. It is explored in more detail in Section 3 (VAT)...

A Wind of Change? The Institutional Reform of the African Union and Africa's Security Provision

This collection of policy briefs seeks to contribute to achieving a homogeneous understanding and to influence ongoing dialogue on the AU’s institutional reforms. Despite the relatively recent decision to reform, its ongoing implementation, vari...

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