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Is There Synergy Between Key Economic Development Policies and Financial Commitments on Infrastructural Projects in Nigeria for the Period 2010-2013?

The study has identified the major infrastructures or capital projects identified by the key documents for economic development in Nigeria. This review concentrated on major infrastructures and capital projects in transportation (roads and bridge...

Infrastructures Africaines: Quelles Opportunités de Financement? / African Infrastructure: What are the funding opportunities?

The inadequate amount of infrastructure on the African continent is the first thing that strikes you as you contemplate the state thereof on the continent, compared to the needs. The situation is worse in the energy sector. Thirty African countrie...

Bonds: A Viable Alternative for Financing Africa's Development

"Since the financial crisis of 2008 loans from banks have become more difficult to obtain. African countries increasingly have explored alternatives to raise capital for their economic development projects. Experience in some African countries an...

Perspectives on PPP Infrastructure Development in SADC Countries

Implementing public–private partnerships (PPPs) can provide national governments with much more attractive conditions for private investment. In return, governments can gain many advantages from private investors, such as greater operational effic...

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