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No Mine is an Island: Shared Infrastructure for Social Benefit in the African Extractives Industry

The quality and availability of transport and other critical infrastructure has been a major barrier to the development of world-class mineral deposits in Africa. When infrastructure is not available and the host government is unable or unwilling to…

Climate Instability and Agricultural Productivity in Africa: Cross-Country Evidence

This paper analyzes the impact of rainfall instability on crop yield in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using a large panel of African countries over a sufficiently long period and relying on a very large dataset assembled for the agricultural sector in Africa,…

Nigeria in 2050: Major Player in the Global Economy or Poverty Capital?

Nigeria’s potential to be a major player in the global economy due to its human and natural resource endowments remains unfulfilled, and the country has been declared the ‘poverty capital’ of the world. Using the International Futures model, this re…

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