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Gender and the Formal and Informal Systems of Local Public Finance in Sierra Leone

This paper considers how men and women in eastern and northern Sierra Leone interact differently with formal and informal revenue collection. It argues that the literature on tax and gender equity needs to be expanded in low-income countries to pa…

Norms, Power and the Socially Embedded Realities of Market Taxation in Northern Ghana

The progress of decentralization efforts in Africa has brought with it expanded discussion of local government taxation, and the potential for tax reform to spur broader state building and governance gains. This paper correspondingly provides a gro…

Informality and Inclusive Growth in Sub Saharan Africa

The connection between informality and the inclusiveness of economic growth is quite complex and varies in different contexts. Firstly, the authors find that the informal sector promotes inclusive growth through providing an alternative to unemplo…

Vulnerability in Employment: Evidence from South Africa

The high levels of poverty and unemployment in South Africa, have led to an emphasis on jobs as a solution to these problems. The subject of job creation in South Africa, is at the forefront of the most important economic policy documents, ever sinc…

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