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Traditional Healers and Their Provision of Mental Health Services in Cosmopolitan Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

"Traditional healing has been practiced by many cultures in Kenya and for many years. It is an accepted mode of treatment in different cultures. Traditional healers are consulted even today and provide treatment to many people. Traditional medicine …

Challenges to Achieving Sustainable Sanitation in Informal Settlements of Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is experiencing rapid urbanisation, like most cities in developing countries, leading to an increase in the urban population and rapid growth in the size and number of informal settlements. More than 60% of the city’s population resides in t…

Understanding Slums and Informal Settlements through their own Lenses towards making Ghanaian Cities Resilient

The past three decades have seen increased concern to make cities in poor countries resilient. Evidence however shows that one of the important factors that can undermine this effort is the development of slums and informal settlements in urban area…

A Gender Lens on Informal Settlement Upgrading: Strengthening Women's Participation

In the context of persisting gender inequality, women’s participation in informal settlement upgrading in South Africa needs special attention. Disparities in access to resources are coupled with gender relations that are biased towards male power…

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