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Determinants of Employment in the Formal and Informal Sectors of the Urban Areas of Kenya

"By applying a multinomial logit model and economic theory to labour force survey data, this study examines the determinants of formal and informal sector employment in the urban areas of Kenya. The findings show that the determinants of employmen...

Female Participation in the Labour Market: The Case of the Informal Sector in Kenya

"This study investigated the factors determining the participation of women in informal sector activities given a range of other available labour market options. The results show that education is one of the important factors determining women’s ...

Togolese Informal Sector Workers' Willingness to Pay for Access to Social Protection: The Case Study of CNSS

In Togo, around 58.7 percent of the population live below the poverty line. Poor families cannot afford to pay for some of the basic services making them vulnerable to social risks. These risks such as old age, death in the family, and disabling a...

Vulnerability in Employment: Evidence from South Africa

The high levels of poverty and unemployment in South Africa, have led to an emphasis on jobs as a solution to these problems. The subject of job creation in South Africa, is at the forefront of the most important economic policy documents, ever si...

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