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La Stratégie de Croissance Accélérée du Sénégal est-elle pro-Pauvre? / Is Senegal's Accelerated Growth Strategy Pro-Poor?

The main purpose of the Senegalese accelerated growth strategy (AGS) is to boost economic growth so as to make poor people share its benefits. In any given economy, there is a relationship between growth, poverty reduction and income distribution. I…

Développement Financier, Croissance économique et Inégalités de Revenus entre les Pays de l’UEMOA / Financial Development, Economic Growth and Inequalities of Income between WAEMU Countries

The aim of this paper is to analyse the impact of financial development first on GDP per capita growth and second on inequalities between UEMOA countries during the period 1960- 2002. Time series data are from the 2004 World Development Indicators C…

Efficience de production du secteur informel non-agricole et réduction de la pauvreté au Cameroun / Production efficiency of non-agricultural informal sector and poverty reduction in Cameroun

This study analyzes the production of non-agricultural informal sector in Cameroon and determines how it’s efficiency can help improve living standards in Cameroon. For this purpose, data envelopment analysis (DEA) was used to measure the level of e…

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