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What Drives Private Saving in Nigeria

"This study discusses the trend in Nigerian saving behaviour and reviews policy options to increase domestic saving. It also examines the determinants of private saving in Nigeria during the 1970-2007 period. It makes an important contribution to l…

Efficiency Wage, Rent-Sharing Theories and Wage Determination in the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria

"The Nigerian labour market, like other sectors of the economy, witnessed dramatic changes following the introduction of the structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) in mid 1986. The labour market has a central role to play in the attainment of SAP o…

Salary Adjustment for the South Sudanese Legislature: Policy Implications

On January 26, 2022, news broke of a salary adjustment for the members of the South Sudan’s legislature. Accordingly, each legislator will receive SSP800,000, which is equivalent to about $2,000 per month. This news generated a mixed response within…

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