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Cash-transfer Programs and Income-generating Activities: Evidence from Rural Burundi

We investigated the nexus between a cash-transfer program and creation of income-generating activities using evidence from rural Burundi. The cash-transfer program, named “Terintambwe,” was designed as a package of four interventions that included a…

Women Empowerment in Production, Income Generation, Access to Resources and Leadership

The book “Empowering Women in Tanzania in the Context of Contemporary Social Policy Reforms” presents a careful analysis of historical processes, events and institutions that define the current framework for women empowerment in Tanzania. This polic…

Stokvels: An Instrument for Income Generation and Wealth Creation?

Stokvels are increasingly being recognised as a solution to contribute to income generation and wealth creation, especially amongst low-income earners who are excluded from the formal financial markets. This study investigates the contribution of st…

Can Cash Transfer Programs Boost Income-generating Activities in Rural Burundi?

In a bid to achieve the number one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of no poverty, the government of Burundi has developed a national social protection strategy. As part of the strategy, the government is currently implementing cash transfer progr…

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