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Stokvels: An Instrument for Income Generation and Wealth Creation?

Stokvels are increasingly being recognised as a solution to contribute to income generation and wealth creation, especially amongst low-income earners who are excluded from the formal financial markets. This study investigates the contribution of st…

Can Cash Transfer Programs Boost Income-generating Activities in Rural Burundi?

In a bid to achieve the number one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of no poverty, the government of Burundi has developed a national social protection strategy. As part of the strategy, the government is currently implementing cash transfer progr…

Cash-transfer Programs and Income-generating Activities: Evidence from Rural Burundi

We investigated the nexus between a cash-transfer program and creation of income-generating activities using evidence from rural Burundi. The cash-transfer program, named “Terintambwe,” was designed as a package of four interventions that included a…

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