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Are South Africans Prepared to Confront Climate Change?

As South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces began digging out mud and floodwaters, President Cyril Ramaphosa was surely not alone in blaming climate change for last week’s deadly disaster. The South African government has long acknowl…

How to Scale out Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change

"Development decision-makers increasingly recognise community-based adaptation (CBA) as a viable way to build communities’ resilience to climate change, particularly those most vulnerable to its impacts. CBA puts them in the driving seat when it com…

Catastrophes and Poverty in Developing Countries

The goal of this study was to explore in greater detail the short- and long-term impacts of catastrophes experienced by developing countries on their poverty rates. The document explained the diversity of channels via which disasters may negatively …

Combatting Climate Change: An Urgent Call for Comprehensive Global and Local Action

Chapter 4 of the Foresight Africa 2020 report, explores six overarching themes that provide opportunities for Africa to overcome its obstacles and spur inclusive growth. The first part of the chapter, under the heading : Africa can play a leading ro…

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