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It’s not just Xenophobia: Factors that lead to violent attacks on foreigners in South Africa and the role of the government

This Policy and Practice Brief examines the trend of burgeoning xenophobia in South Africa and suggests what could be done to contribute to its eradication. These recommendations are not exhaustive but are initial steps through which the nation ca...

Criminal Tendencies: Immigrants and Illegality in South Africa

The purpose of this brief has been to draw attention to the complex new forms of migration and immigration that are transforming traditional migration dynamics to South Africa. Our intention, in doing so, is to contest the view that there is any n...

Zimbabweans' (Mostly) Tolerant Views on Citizenship

Citizenship of a country is not always as clear as it seems. Citizenship can be gained through birth right, registration, naturalisation, descent or adoption. This however has been the reason for conflict in many African countries. This survey loo...

Good Neighbours? African Express High Levels of Tolerance for Many but not for All

"Africans express high levels of tolerance for people of different ethnicities, religions, and nationalities. A large majority also express tolerance for people living with HIV/AIDS, though HIV-related stigma remains a reality in most countries. A...

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