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All That Glitters is Not Gold: Dubai, Congo, and the Illicit Trade of Conflict Minerals

Gold is considered to be a 'conflict mineral'. In the DRC gold and diamond trade were tainted by conflict financing, tax evasion, corruption and smuggling. This resulted in the illegal trade of gold, huge financial losses for the DRC and violent con…

Commodity Smuggling in the Maghreb: A Silent Threat

Though largely silent, and not often associated with the same levels of violence as other forms of organized crime, illicit trade threatens national and broader regional security in myriad ways. Insufficiently appreciated, first and foremost, is the…

Illicit Tobacco in Nigeria

Globally, the trade in illicit tobacco products has increasingly been a source of concern for policymakers, development practitioners and health officials owing to the diverse social and economic impact on health, government revenue and the financia…

The West African El Dorado: Mapping the Illicit Trade of Gold in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso

This report maps the enforcement and governance challenges, as well as vulnerabilities posed by the illicit trade of gold in West Africa and its impact on regional peace and stability. The scope of this report focuses on the artisanal gold sector i…

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