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BRIC and IBSA Forums: Neo-liberals in Disguise or Champions of the South?

South–South co-operation has existed for many decades and has played a key role in solidifying unity among developing countries. However, the concept of South–South co-operation has evolved from being concerned with geopolitics and opposing imperial…

Biofuel Technology Transfer in IBSA: Lessons for South Africa and Brazil

The success of biofuel production in Brazil (bioethanol in particular) is recognised as a tangible point of collaboration in the India–Brazil– South Africa (IBSA) Forum. Sharing knowledge and systematic technology transfer on biofuels can strengthen…

IBSA Six Years On: Co-operation in a New Global Order

Six years after its launch, officials can no longer claim that the India–Brazil–South Africa (IBSA) Forum is still in its infancy. It is time to evaluate results and missed opportunities to provide a balanced assessment. In the wake of an interna…

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