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National and International Perspectives on Crime and Policing Towards a Coherent Strategy for Crime Reduction in South Africa Beyond 2010

"This paper consists of three parts in considering the issue of crime reduction. First, we focus on theoretical perspectives of crime reduction and then we engage in the debate about ‘Why crime rates fell’ in many Western countries. The final part t…

Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 28 No. 5 September-October 2016

This issue of HAB, "A year after Valetta: What has changed?" focuses on the large volume of people migrating from the Middle East and Africa - fleeing conflict or poverty and heading to Europe. This issue coincides with the one-year anniversary of…

The Khartoum Process A Sustainable Response to Human Smuggling and Trafficking?

With the "migration crisis", in 2012 - 2015, citizens from the Horn of Africa have been arriving irregularly in Europe in unprecedented numbers, whilst featuring disproportionately amongst the fatalities. This has prompted the launch of the Khartoum…

Migrant Smuggling Paths from the Horn of Africa to Yemen and Saudi Arabia

This report examines the smuggling networks facilitating irregular migration from the Horn of Africa to countries in the Arabian Peninsula, also referred to as the Gulf. In addition to analysing the structure and modus operandi of migrant smugglin…

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