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Conflict Trends Issue 3 2006

"The articles in this edition reflect on the deeprooted seeds of conflict by bringing closer together the void between peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and understanding the importance of human security within the context of state security. The plan…

South Africa, the ICC and the UN Human Rights Council

This paper discussed two public dialogues whereby seven recommendations emerged from the talks. The first recommendation advises that civil society must maintain sustained pressure on South Africa not to withdraw from the ICC. The second was about…

Women in Post-Conflict Societies in Africa

The objective of the seminar was to discuss and identify concrete avenues for engendering reconstruction and peace processes in African societies emerging from conflict through a thorough and effective use of the Protocol to the African Charter on H…

South Sudan Conflict Insight

The area that is today’s South Sudan was once a marginalized region in the Republic of Sudan administered by tribal chiefs during the British colonial period (1899-1955). In the 1950s, marginalization gave rise to the Anyanya I rebellion, spearheade…

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