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South Africa: Reaching Out

According to the conference paper, no country can grow in isolation and the effects can be felt in areas such as trade, political thought, science and technology, culture and sport. World War II saw dramatic changes in the world (economic, technolog…

Constructive Engagement at Mid-Term

This is an address by the United States Ambassador to South Africa on industrial growth and constructive engagement. He suggests that ‘constructive engagement is a regional policy, directed not at South Africa alone, but all of Southern Africa. Prog…

Preventing and Punishing Sexual Violence: The Work of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region

"Efforts to build lasting peace at regional level involve multiple strata of actors, institutions and processes. Regional organisations that are in search of shared peace and security must take cognisance of the various layers of political and socia…

Responsibility to Protect: Why Libya and not Syria?

"While the intervention in Libya saved relatively many lives, there is hesitation to intervene in Syria due to geopolitics, despite the threshold for intervention having been reached. However, by endorsing the notion of responsibility to protect, UN…

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