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SAIIA Southern Africa Record no 61

This Southern Africa Record contains the following texts: • South Africa - Address by State President F.W. de Klerk at the opening of the Third Session of the Ninth parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Friday 1 February 1991. • Namibia…

OSSREA Bulletin Vol 8 No 1

The bulletin discussed several workshops and training sessions hosted by OSSREA. Four feature articles discussed the following: Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Recovery Programmes on Communal Farming Productivity in Mudavanhu Ward 12 of Mas…

Political Opportunities and Constraints in Inter-State Relations in Southern Africa

This paper deals with some of the political factors which should be borne in mind when discussing the development of resources regionally and on an inter-state level in sub-continent of Africa. In the author’s view, a regional approach to the develo…

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