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African Futures 2050 The Next Forty Years

"With this monograph the ISS and the Pardee Center for International Futures combines the deep and wide knowledge of Africa within the ISS with extensive use of the IFs modelling system, this discussion looks across most major issue arenas:demograp…

Nigeria’s Debt Burden: Implications for Human Development

Nigeria’s total public debt stock rose continuously from NGN8.32 trillion in September 2013 to NGN22.7 trillion in March 2017. The high debt made the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warn the country of the economic consequences …

Impact of Covid-19 Measures on Kenya’s Education Sector

Education is an important ingredient for human capital development. It trains manpower for all institutions whether private or public. Learning institutions comprise not only academic institutions but also training institutions such as those for tea…

Foresight Africa 2021

In Chapter 1, our authors offer strategies for how Africa’s policymakers can approach the pandemic as an opportunity for a “great reset” of their economies so that they can grow back stronger than ever before. In Chapter 2, our experts share their …

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