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Human Capital Development Programme for Effective ICT in Africa

"This paper examined how to develop an ICT strategy for Africa, with particular reference to its human capital, in order to enable it to pursue a similar path of development. A specific task of this framework paper is to form a basis for several co…

Accelerating Human Capital Development to Optimise Zambia’s Chances of Harnessing the Demographic Dividend

The policy and programme options are highlighted in this policy brief that Zambia can adopt in order to accelerate human capital development to optimize its chances of harnessing the demographic dividend. In order to enhance the chances of earning …

Investir sur le capital humain: Education et Santé / Investing in Human Capital: Education and Health

Development strategies and policies have always sought to identify the key variable to accelerate wealth creation and thus raise the well being of populations. The focus has been put on the accumulation of physical capital, labor, natural resources…

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