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The Jagged Tear: Human capital, education and AIDS in South Africa, 2002-2010

"The key insight is that the education and training system must follow the country’s demography in making a transition from quantity to quality. Rapid growth in the numbers of pupils and students in the education system during most of the twentieth…

The World Bank AIDS scenario for South Africa: A perspective for business

"The report is based on a theoretical model which was 'calibrated' to South Africa and then used to produce several scenarios of the impact of AIDS on this country. The key concept in the Bank's model is human capital, ie, society’s stock of knowl…

Why is South Africa failing to get the growth and jobs that it needs?

"In the first half of the Round Table, participants analysed a number of serious obstacles to growth and job creation. These included the causes of current low investor confidence; deeper-lying obstacles to growth in particular the difficulties asso…

Investing in Human Capital Development

In line with the shift from Sector Based Budgeting to Programme Based Budgeting, the Human Capital Development programme is a new programme that covers sectors of Water and Environment Sector, Education, Health, and Social Development. This brief th…

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