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Evaluating Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa: Rural Settlement

"This report considers the issue of rural settlement in South Africa and examines what settlement support rural households have access to and how effective this support is in creating sustainable settlements.The focus of this report is 'rural' in t…

Housing policy in Ghana: Providing Incentives to Investors and Consumers

"A discussion of the housing market problems in Ghana must recognize the pervasive role of Government. Not only does Government exert an indirect influence generally on housing markets through tax policies, but it also exerts, in particular, a direc…

Policy debate on 5 Socio-Economic Issues in Kenya: Elections 2017

One of the key drivers of economic growth is a strong education and effective provision of inclusive education is key in developing a just, secure and inclusive society. Governments should recognize factors that breed exclusion in access to educatio…

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