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Household Incomes, Poverty and Inequality in a Multivariate Framework

"The existing work on household poverty and inequality in South Africa has shown that poverty and inequality differ markedly by race, location, education, gender of the head, household demographics and household labour market participation. However,…

Child Labour and Poverty Linkages : A Micro Analysis from Rural Malawian Data

"This study assesses the impact of income and asset poverty on child work using the rural sub sample of the 2004 Malawi Integrated Household Survey. Instrumenting consumption expenditure with a location dummy variable and interacting consumption exp…

Pauvreté monétaire versus non-monétaire au Burundi / Monetary versus non-monetary poverty in Burundi

The overall objective of the study is to analyse the poverty situation in Burundi. For this purpose, three specific objectives are considered: to assess income poverty using an equivalence scale; construct a composite poverty indicator based on the …

Community-based Multi-dimensional Poverty Profiles in Greater Tzaneen and Mutale Local Municipalities in Limpopo Province South Africa: Key findings, Policy Implications and Recommendations

Poverty monitoring surveys in South Africa is significantly institutionalized both in design and coverage at the national level; however, the non-existence of any institutional mechanism to generate Multidimensional poverty data at Wards levels rema…

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