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Impact of Structural Adjustment Policy on the Energy Crisis and the Environment: A Gender Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Households

"The major objective of the study was to analyse the impact of the structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP) on household energy among the rural and urban dwellers in Uganda. The study further aimed to ascertain the adaptation strategies of both men an…

Solar Technologies and Forced Draft Cookstoves: Key to Household Contribution towards Low Carbon Development in Kenya

"Lack of access to modern and clean forms of energy in most African countries remains a major challenge in cutting down greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere. The critical role energy plays in facilitating social-economic development…

Energy Poverty in Zambia

Of the estimated 3.01 million households in Zambia, in 2015, only 35.8% and 16.1% utilised clean energy fuels for their lighting and cooking services respectively. Usage and access to clean energy is essential for economic growth, human development …

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