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An Analysis of Household Income and Expenditure in Tanzania

"Chapter 2 of PHDR 2009 examined national progress in poverty reduction by comparing findings from the latest Household Budget Survey conducted in 2007 with the previous HBS in 2000/01. The analysis looked at household well-being from several dif...

The Relationship Between Electronic-Money Penetration and Household Consumption: VECM Granger Causality Analysis

The development and use of Electronic Money (e-money) remain one of the most discussed topics in developing countries, yet literature on the relationship between e-money penetration and household consumption remains negligible. Available literatur...

The Impact of International Remittance on Poverty, Household Consumption and Investment in Urban Ethiopia: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Measures

To assess the impact of international remittances on poverty, household consumption and investment in urban Ethiopia, this study used primary household survey data collected from four major urban areas of the country namely Addis Ababa, Gonder, Ha...

The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Poverty in Kenya

Trade liberalization is currently being negotiated within the WTO multilateral trading framework under the Doha Development Agenda(DDA). Once an agreement is reached on modalities for undertaking trade liberalization, member countries will then pr...

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