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Kenya's Flying Vegetables: Small Farmers and the 'Food Miles' Debate

"In this highly personal and keenly argued commentary, James Gikunju Muuru makes the first detailed response by an African smallholder to the controversy over ‘food miles’. His account describes the serial feats of coordination, discipline, producti…

Trade Opportunities from the EU-ACP EPAs: Prospects for the flower sub-sector in Uganda

"With the signing of the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in 2009, the Government of Uganda as a member of the ACP, should endeavour to re-strategize itself to benefit from the opportunities such trading blocks create through increased …

The Integrated Assessment of the Potential Impact of the EU ACP Economic Partnership Agreement on Uganda's Bio Diversity: A Case of the Horticulture Centre

"This integrated assessment (IA) examines the potential impacts on the horticulture sector of Uganda’s Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU). Horticulture was selected as the focus of the IA because it contributes signif…

The Potential of Industries without Smokestacks to Address Unemployment: An Ethiopian Case Study

The study investigates the potential of Industries without Smokestacks (IWOSS) to create jobs in Ethiopia and focuses on agro-processing (particularly food and beverage), horticulture, tourism, and transport sectors. These categories were selected d…

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