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Welfare Impacts of Import Controls in Botswana’s Horticulture

"The primary objective of this paper is to quantify the welfare impacts of import controls in Botswana’s horticulture. The paper contributes in three ways. Firstly, by quantifying the impact of import controls, it adds to the current understanding o…

Enhancing Competitiveness of Horticultural Industry in Tanzania

This policy brief analyzes recent trends in horticultural production and trade in Tanzania. It aims to appraise contemporary understandings of market dynamics which are key to informing competitive trade policy practices as well as implementation of…

The Impact of COVID-19 on Industries without Smokestacks in Kenya: The Case of Horticulture, ICT, and Tourism Sectors

COVID-19 has had not only far-reaching implications on the Kenya economy as a whole but also varied short-term and long-term impacts on various sectors. This policy brief provides an early assessment of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the se…

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