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HIV/AIDS and Militaries in Africa

Militaries in Africa represent a unique demographic group because they are a captive audience for instruction and education. The hierarchical nature of military institutions also provides a unique environment for transferring values and standards of…

HIV/Aids and Militaries in Southern Africa

The seminar followed an earlier meeting organised by the CCR and UNAM on the theme, “Strengthening Namibia’s Chair of the SADC Organ: HIV/AIDS and Southern Africa’s Security Architecture”, in Windhoek, Namibia, in November 2005. This meeting examin…

HIV/AIDS and Militaries in Africa

A range of military experts, civil society representatives, academics and policymakers from 28 African governments, Regional Economic Communities, the African Union and the United Nations contributed to the findings covered in this report. It addre…

HIV/Aids and Human Security: An Agenda for Africa

The objective of the seminar was to consider the links between human security and the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, and the potential role of African leadership in addressing this crisis. The seminar also sought to devise policy recommendations on t…

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