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HIV/AIDS Prevention Interventions in Uganda: A Policy Simulation

"The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to be a major health challenge in Uganda. The adult HIV/AIDS prevalence rate had increased to 7.3 percent by 2011 from 6.4 percent in 2005/6. Consequently, understanding the programmes that can curb down the spread o…

The Impact of HIV/AIDS at the Company Level in Botswana

"The purpose of the seminar was twofold. Firstly the Botswana Business Coalition on Aids hoped to sensitise a range of issues, concepts and current thinking in the region, on impacts, strategies and legal aspects of HIV/AIDS to a wide number of comp…

Healthy Democracies? The Potential Impact of AIDS on Democracy in Southern Africa

"Social scientists are only beginning to understand the range of potential impacts the HIV/AIDS pandemic may have on Southern African societies.However, the implications of the pandemic for the survival and consolidation of democratic government, i…

HIV/AIDS Sero-Prevalence and Socio-Economic Status: Evidence from Uganda

Although Uganda reported large reductions in HIV/AIDS prevalence during the 1990s, recent evidence suggests that the country’s rate of new HIV infections is on the rise. Motivated by Uganda’s reversal of fortunes regarding HIV/AIDS control, this s…

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