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Health Sector Supply Chains in Kenya: Prospects for Improving Performance

This presentation delivered at the policy dialogue workshop on 17 September 2014 discusses the research undertaken on the health sector supply chains in Kenya. The aim of the research was to identify opportunities for improved local supply of essen…

Health Spending in Uganda Implications on the National Minimum Health Care Package

This policy brief is part of Public Expenditure Governance (PEG) study of the health sector in Uganda. The research objective overall was to examine the links between public spending, governance, and outcomes in the health sector and the specific o…

Shortage in Health Workforce: Experiences of Primary Health Care Service Providers in Delta State Recommendations for Improvement

This policy brief outlines some of the actions that should be taken to enhance the health workforce in primary health centres located in rural areas of Delta State for the attention of the Delta State government and other providers of primary health…

Assessing Public Expenditure Governance of the Primary Health Care Programme in Uganda

The study set out to understand the differences in public expenditure governance practices and perceptions in the delivery of PHC, between the best performing and the poorly performing districts on the MoH district league table of FY 2016/17. Overal…

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