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Facilitating Fertility Decline to Maximise on the Window of Opportunity

"Kenya’s initial rapid fertility decline in the 1980s was followed by stagnation at high levels in the 1990s. On the other hand, child mortality rates have recently dropped by substantial margins. This has resulted in rapid population increase, and …

The Role of Political Will and Commitment in Improving Access to Family Planning in Africa

"A few countries in Eastern and Southern Africa - namely Ethiopia, Malawi, and Rwanda - have demonstrated a new wave of optimism and made good progress in addressing barriers of access to modern contraception over the past decade or so. Further, pro…

Indices de la Stabilité et de L’attractivité en Afrique / Indices of Stability and Attractiveness in Africa

The aim of the Amadeus Institute's attractiveness and stability indices is not to distinguish "good" from "bad" performers or to dictate a recipe for development to be applied uniformly across the African continent, but to describe and compare the p…

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