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Payment Patterns in Nigeria’s Public Facilities: Unexpected Costs and Implications for Health-seeking Behaviour in Nigeria

In Nigeria’s health system, a better understanding is needed on the impact that unexpected costs have on health seeking behaviour. Of note, patients’ health-seeking choices between public vs. private facilities is influenced by their ex-ante percept…

Health Care Financing under Structural Adjustment: Some reflections from the health insurance experience of Khartoum State Sudan

"The study aims at investigating the different aspects associated with the adoption of health insurance as financing mechanism for curative health services in the Sudan. Specifically,it aims at examining the general features of the insurance plan an…

Healthcare Delivery Environment and Performance in Tanzania

Good health is indispensable towards promoting the wellbeing of people as well as the nation’s development. Tanzania like many other developing countries, has marked health as a priority matter that needs much attention. As the nation strives to mak…

Latin America's Uncoordinated Response in Tackling COVID-19

The response of Latin American countries to the COVID-19 pandemic has been nationalistic, uncoordinated and varied in terms of effectiveness. Unlike in Africa, where there has been a great deal of coordinated action by continental bodies charged wit…

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