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Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in Kenya

"In this fact sheet, adolescents comprise 24% of Kenya's population. This large adolescent population has implications on the country's health and development agenda as it is likely to place increasing demands on provision of services."

A Status Quo, Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment of the Physical and Socio-Economic Effects of Climate Change in the Western Cape

"Clear evidence of the early signs of anthropogenic climate change are evident in the temperature record in the Western Cape, and that rainfall trends, though more variable, also suggest some shifts in the “normal” climate regime. We suggest further…

Missed Opportunities, The Role of Education, Health and Social Development in Preventing Crime

"This monograph assesses the policies, programmes and services provided by the Departments of Education, Health and Social Development, and explores the potential of these for impacting on social crime prevention in South Africa. This study is prima…

Analytical Brief on Social Sector Budget 2018: ‘A Mirage in the Social Sector budget’

As Zambia continues on its recovery path, Social Sectors spending remain cardinal to providing both increased and good quality services to its increasing population. The level of resources allocated to these sectors through the National Budget is th…

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