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Le Golfe de Guinée, Zone de Contrastes: Richesses et Vulnérabilités / The Gulf of Guinea, an Area of Contrasts: Wealth and Vulnerabilities

The state of play of the geopolitical aspects of the Gulf of Guinea sub region, shows a significant availability of natural resources which constitute the main wealth of this area. On the contrary, it is noted that the availability of these riches d…

The Wealth Within, The Wealth Unseen: Reflections on the Gulf of Guinea's Maritime Domain

"The rapid escalation of piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Gulf of Aden over the past decade has made maritime security a policy priority both for Africa and globally. Although maritime security incidents also increased in the Gulf of Guinea, o…

Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: Establishing Law, Generating Order

"Maritime security has become a buzzword in recent years as criminal activities at sea threaten a wide range of geostrategic, security and economic imperatives. In few other places in the world is this problem more pointed than in the Gulf of Guine…

Beauty and the Thief: Why the Gulf of Guinea Attracts Maritime Insecurity

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has risen considerably over the last few years. This policy brief aims to explain why this region has become attractive to pirates and what lessons can be learnt from another Gulf that used to be a pirate’s haven.

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