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The Balance Sheet Summary: An Essential Tool for Transparency and Robust Accounting in Mitigation and Markets

This policy brief presents the concept of a nationally determined contribution (NDC) greenhouse gas (GHG) balance sheet. The concept was elaborated in a technical paper, which informed an official submission by South Africa. This brief should be rea…

Analysis of the Economic Implications of a Carbon Tax

"Why might South Africa consider a carbon tax? The purpose would be to reduce greenhouse gas(GHG)emissions. A carbon tax would achieve this through two broad effects – a demand effect, reducing energy demand due to higher prices, and a substitution…

The Effect of Response Measures to Climate Change on South Africa’s Economy and Trade

"The South African economy derives much of its growth from production related to the energy intensive sectors of its economy. As a non-Annex-I country, South Africa has no binding commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas(GHG)emissions by a quantifiab…

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