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Waiting for a Green Revolution

"Predictions of a Green Revolution in Africa are overstated. Investment in African agriculture has been neglected by governments and donors. The proportion of aid allocated to agriculture fell from 17% in 1980 to 3% in 2005. Population growth and...

Changes in Ghanaian Farming System: Stagnation or a Quiet Transformation

"This research was designed to understand better the patterns of agricultural intensification and transformation occurring in Africa South of the Sahara using the Ghanaian case. The paper examines changes in farming systems and the role of various...

Good Things Grow in Scaled Packages: Africa’s Agricultural Challenge in Historical Context

This paper describes sub-Saharan Africa’s contemporary small-holder agricultural challenges in relation to the 20th century’s “green revolutions,” especially in Asia. Four key points stand out from the distilling evidence from the agronomics and e...

Conservation Agriculture: South Africa's New Green Revolution

"As farmers move from conventional to conservation farming, agricultural production becomes more resilient to climate variability, and therefore to at least some aspects of anticipated climate change. The components comprising Conservation Agric...

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