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Methodologies for Carbon Budgets in South Africa

"The paper reviews previous work at national and sectoral level. Previous work on mitigation potential included the LTMS, on consideration of which Cabinet outlined its vision and strategic direction for emissions to peak, plateau and decline. Previ…

Large-Scale Rollout of Concentrating Solar Power in South Africa

"As part of Climate Strategies ‘International Support for Domestic Climate Policies’ project this paper assesses the large-scale rollout of CSP in South Africa. Described as a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA), the scale of CSP deploym…

Analysis of the Economic Implications of a Carbon Tax

"Why might South Africa consider a carbon tax? The purpose would be to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A carbon tax would achieve this through two broad effects – a demand effect, reducing energy demand due to higher prices, and a substitutio…

Energy Modelling for the Agricultural Sector A Summary of the SATIM Model Methodology

"This policy brief aims to communicate the methods used by researchers to model possible outcomes of different actions to curb GHG emissions associated with agriculture. Climate change has clear and obvious impacts on agricultural production. In tur…

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