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Africa Capacity Indicators 2013: Capacity Development for Natural Resource Management/ Rapport Sur Les Indicatuers de Capacités en Afrique 2013: Renforcement des Capacités Pour La Gestion des Ressources Naturelles

This year's Report, the third in a series, focuses on an issue of great importance to Africa: natural resource management. The Report is holistic, yet focused on what African countries need to do individually and collectively to achieve effective …

Green Growth Economy in Uganda: Strategies for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth: 72nd Session of State of the Nation Platform

Green Economies are a path to sustainable development. Green economies respond to the development challenges and imbalances in growth strategies that underlie the global financial and economic crisis by motivating policymakers in nation states to gi…

Aligning Sustainable Development Goals with Climate-Resilient Growth

"The outcomes should contribute towards sustainable global development in the long term. After all, human development gains will only be possible if climate change is addressed. COP 21 provides a unique opportunity to support the overarching objec…

Towards a Green Economy: Exploring the potential of forestry in Tanzania through the Green Growth Platform

"Green Growth is vital for sustainable development due to its consideration for social and environmental components that compliment, rather than work against the economic elements. Foresty and related activities are an ideal sector where the elimi…

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