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From 'Crowding out to Crowding in': Towards an Institutional Analysis of Adaptation Funds

"Quantifying the cost of funding adaptation to climate change (‘adaptation finance’) is difficult. There is a broad range of estimates, with the UN suggesting an annual requirement of $49–171 billion by 2030. The issue becomes more complicated when…

Sources of Finance in the International Climate Change Regime

"Public sources first and foremost: the initial $100 billion dollars to capitalise the Green Climate Fund should come from public sources. While developed countries claim there is no money, resources have been found to bail out big banks, subsidise …

Hand in Hand for Urban Transformation Roles and Responsibilities at the Local, National and International Level to Enable Cities’ Climate Leadership

Addressing the global challenge of climate change requires unprecedented cooperation across all levels of government. Internationally the Paris Agreement sets the pace for reducing emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Common obje…

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