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Needs Assessment Seminar on Migration and Development Challenges in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA)

"This paper provides an overview of the key issues in migration and development. It identifies, defines and provides relevant instances of four main issues in the migration-development debate: (i) brain drain and brain circulation; (ii) migrant remi…

Preventing Human Rights Violations by External Economic Involvement in the Wider Horn of Africa Security Complex

Countries in the wider Horn of Africa security complex are experiencing increasing involvement from external economic and security actors. Several countries, multinationals, and non-state armed groups have set up shop, influencing existing dynamics …

State of Peace and Security in Africa 2019

There is a sense of déjà vu that 2019 may replay several of the key trends that were predominant in 2018, as subsequent chapters in this Report indicate. For instance, three out of four African citizens now live in countries where governance has imp…

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