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Swaziland: The current state of play

"The March dismissal of Prime Minister Mabandla Dlamini(53) and the appointment of Bhekimpi Dlamini (57) as the new Prime Minister, reveals, ongoing tensions in Swazi politics. This Brief Report examines the leadership change and assesses its signi…

Unchecked Executive Powers: Lessons in Effective Government Design

"Without checks and balances, the executive branch of government will inevitably dominate governance structures. This tendency has been particularly pronounced in Africa, in part because countries inherited the structures of the colonialists and the…

Literature Paper: Jihadist Armed Governance in Mali

In the Sahel, and Central Mali in particular, the proliferation of armed groups over the past decade has resulted in formal and informal non-state governance structures. This paper assesses the various definitions and typologies associated with rebe…

Libya Turns the Page

After years in which parallel rival governments fought an intermittent war, Libya has a new consolidated executive. On 10 March, parliament endorsed a national unity government headed by Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba, which took office in Tripol…

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