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Signs of crisis in Zimbabwe

"The current economic crisis in Zimbabwe, largely induced by inept government policy, will not be resolved in the near term. However, there is, at present, no overwhelming threat to the continued rule by Robert Mugabe and he will probably continue …

The Child Health Implications of Privatizing Africa's Urban Water Supply

"Identifying policies which can improve water sector management is critically important given the global burden of water-related disease. Each year, 1 in 10 child deaths—roughly 800,000 in total—is the direct result of diarrhea. Can private-sector …

Conservation and Sustainable Development Linking Practice and Policy in Eastern Africa

"Our development depends on nature, and if development in our region is to proceed it must be based on sustainable management of the ecosystems that support life. Although this simple fact is well accepted, achieving sustainable development in pract…

Technology Transfer and Acquisition in the Oil Sector and Government Policy in Nigeria

"The analysis presented in this report shows the level of development and upgrading of the core technological capabilities in the Nigerian oil industry since independence in 1960. The study examines the nature of technological capabilities formed in…

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