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"Economic Growth, Expanding Role of Government and Fiscal Policy in Ghana : 1965-2004"

As economies develop and grow, their expenditures on public services and regulations also increase even at a higher rate, than their economic growth. Adolph Wagner who pioneered the empirical test of this observation found that the elasticity of gov…

Cameroon's Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth

"Cameroon has experienced periods of economic growth and decline. During the growth period public expenditures increased the size of the public sector. The decline period, which started in 1986, has been characterized by government expenditures that…

The Impact of Foreign Aid on Public Expenditure: The Case of Kenya

"This paper focuses on the case of Kenya, a country that has experienced two major donor-aid freezes. The paper uses both aggregated and disaggregated data to develop the linkage between foreign aid and government expenditure and to estimate the i…

Increasing VAT Rate from 5 to 7.2%: Is Nigerian Economy ready for the Consequences?

Value-added Tax (VAT) is a flat-tax based on the increase in value of a product or service at each stage of production or distribution. It is paid by the final consumers and collected by the end retailer. As its name implies, value-added tax refer…

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