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Election 2004 and the Policy Challenge of the NPP Government

"Election 2004 has come and gone. The conduct was transparent and the outcome peaceful. The euphoria and the celebrations have ended and the furor over results subsided. The process of forming the new Government is now seriously under way. The time …

Chiefs And Traditional Authorities And Their Role In The Democratic Order And Governance

"The paper makes a strong defense for the relevance of the chieftaincy institution in modern democratic Ghana, and argues the need to integrate our cultural and traditional values into modern government and society. The forced acquisition of stool a…

Strengthening Collaboration between Civil Society Organisations and the State in Ghana: Indicator Tracking and Strengthening

Research shows that National Evaluation Systems (NES) have been emerging in various African countries, differing in maturity, capacity and effectiveness. African governments are implementing evaluation systems to measure outcomes and impacts of thei…

Emaswati Approve of Government's COVID-19 Response, but Remain Skeptical about Vaccines

Since its first case in March 2020, Eswatini has recorded 26,628 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 806 deaths as of 4 August 2021. To contain the outbreak, the government quickly declared a national emergency and instituted night-time curfews, schoo…

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